Sizes 8' wide to 40' wide
Frame tents have a straight-line profile and are free-standing
(stakes or ballast weights only required to keep tent from
moving or shifting).  They can be set on any surface and have
an unobstructed interior (no center poles).  Limited
perimeter involvement makes frame tents perfect for closer
quarters and can be connected to another frame tent or
existing structure.  Frame fittings are two inch steel and
tubing is available in galvanized steel or aluminum.  They are
interchangeable with other tent manufacturer's west coast
frames.  Frame tent styles include - solid white or color and
striped.  Valance styles include - straight and scalloped.  
Frame tents are good for concrete car lots,parties on decks
and porches.
How Our Quality Tents Are Made

Our vinyl is manufactured in the USA and is specially designed
for tents.  It is
water proof and mildew resistant, which gives it
a high resistance to the abuses of weather.  Our vinyl is very
strong and has a great resistance to tearing and ripping.  Its
weave is made of industrial polyester filaments that are
pretreated for
minimum ultra-violet degradation, which is
damage that can be caused by the sun.  Our vinyl is also
manufactured with an approved
flame retardant chemical in
compliance with California Fire Marshal Code, NFPA 701 and
has been tested in accordance with the Federal Test Method
#5903.2.   The fire retardant process used will not be removed
by washing and is effective for the life of the fabric.  

thread is polyester and will not rot or come apart like cotton
thread used by other companies.  Our
webbing is
polypropylene, which is not affected by the sun and weather like
nylon and cotton webbing.  Our tie down
rope is also
polypropylene.  It is strong rope that is also used in industrial
marine areas.  Our
grommets are brass with a rolled rim and
spur washer.  They assure maximum strength and resistance
from pulling out.

Our tents are
heat seamed, which eliminates leakage.  
Incorporating webbing into our design enforces stress points and
makes our tents very strong.

Our designs are a result of years of study and experience in the
party tent rental industry. Our designs, along with our
competitive prices is why so many are choosing us.
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30 x 30 clear top frame tent
Clear Top Frame Tents
30 x 30 west coast frame tent
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